Are you the kind of leader who has the courage to celebrate change, or do you cower from it?

Here is one of the biggest secrets to massive growth and success. You must embrace change. This is obvious.

First, look at the people you consider to be “Losers.” 
(Of course, I don’t mean you!)

What do they do? The same thing over and over again. Notice how their stories never change. Just a different day and a different outfit…sometimes. 

Guess what…

After a while, no one wants to hang around them anymore. They lost their ability to become influential.

Look at anyone very successful. They have influence. People are drawn toward them and everything they offer. Charisma is magnetic.

Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Jk Rowling, Sara Blakely, and Jeff Bezos are all billionaires because they influence more people than you and I.

To get there, they had to embrace change. They had to stand out, be different, course correct often when something looked like failure.

They changed what wasn’t working. Sometimes its what you are doing in the outer world and sometimes it is what you are thinking in your own inner world. Which is it for you?

Here is the bottom line: Hanging onto your status quo will only diminish your status.

My fundamental belief is this:

“The world is much to big to be playing small.
Being great at what you do is the starting point, not the destination.”

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