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Guiding You To New Heights
As you climb to the top, there are fewer people like you. You need to place your trust in the right ones. We have been in your shoes, and know how to get you to the next step.

01. Strategic

Some say life is a game.  We say, if you are going to play… you better win.  You get to the top by writing the rules, not by following everyone else’s. The world is changing too fast to try and keep up with competitors or technology.  Tactics are kindergarten maneuvers. Offense wins games and championships. If you are ready to get off the bench, we will pinpoint the exact strategic plan for your victory.

02. innovative

Innovation is key to leadership. People follow leaders, not the followers. No one remembers those who placed second.  Yet, innovation carries risk and can be a high-stakes game. At this point in life, you have come too far to lose it all. There is a fine line between instinct and ignorance. We teach you how to distinguish what will get you ahead and what will knock you down, so you always end up on top.

03. brilliant

Brilliant is usually defined as “surpassing excellence.” That is our baseline for how we approach everything we do. It is often the feedback our clients have in working with us. Those who have had the LIfe Polish experience don’t just shine, they are brilliant. We have the street smarts and book smarts to elevate your life, business and your mind faster and higher than you have ever done in the past.

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Unfortunately, some people do.  That means making the right business decisions can be tricky.  Anyone can rise to the top…that’s easy.  It is staying at the top that defines people of character, integrity and true worth. Our success rate is so high, because these are the only people we do business with.  If you haven’t been personally referred to us, let’s start a conversation and see if we are a fit…and as good as people say.


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Koni Scavella, PhD




Koni Scavella is a speaker, author and business & strategic advisor for CEOs and entrepreneurs seeking a quantum leap in their lives and business simultaneously. An entrepreneur for 17 years, with degrees in theology and physics, she has worked with new start-ups, Fortune 500 and Inc 500 companies in healthcare, real estate, education, sports, finance, oil and gas, retail,  ministry, hospitality entertainment. 

Using her proprietary 4-square methodologies, The SOAR Formula,  PNI, The Oasis Method, and hypnotherapy for executives at their pinnacle, Koni’s clients DOUBLE their results in HALF the time…having twice the fun.  One of her start-up clients scaled from zero to $20 million in 6 months.

Always current, relevant and highly entertaining, her keynote speeches have received rave reviews and praise, as well as #1 ranking among trainers.

Koni is a true pioneer with her research in the advancement of human consciousness. By blending her passion for the latest discoveries in neuroscience, quantum physics, psychology, medicine, spirituality and her profound Near-Death experience, she brings a fresh approach to her books which are surprisingly sprinkled with warmth.

When she is not buried in books, you can find Koni with her toes buried in the sand near her home in  Del Mar, California.

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KEYNOTES & services

Our Array of Talents

strategic advisors

You are on the fast track or maybe have gotten off-track.  Either way, it’s time for a shift to get to the next level. Do you know what the future will require of you?  We do.  Just ask.

group consulting

The economics may be a factor in your decision to hire the best guide for you. Our group consulting let’s you achieve stellar results around your time and budget in a mastermind format.

leadership training

Are you the bottleneck in the growth of your business? Are you ready to transition to more meaningful roles and develop your legacy plan? We equip you for greatness every step of the way.

marketing design plans

Marketing is where so many businesses get it wrong. Simple fixes can save and make you millions if you know the right method and market. Let us take a look and make your marketing shine.

sales engineering

You built a great mousetrap. But without the right selling model,  your business won’t last. Sales is an art, and rarely a natural gift. Learn a new way to sell for explosive growth.

talent acquisition

Most people surround themselves with the wrong people for their success. We get the right people on your team so you can reduce the cost of turnover and dominate the market.

conflict resolution

Business requires negotiating.  If you are challenged in partnerships, with board members or staff, this is a sweet spot for us.  Don’t bury your head in the sand, give us a call.

corporate culture

Money can’t buy happiness, but happiness at the workplace can bring you more money.  Iconic companies have learned how to create the right culture.  Let’s do it in your world!

business transition

Change invites cognitive dissonance, which means some form of friction. The question is: how much and how long? We make every transition smooth sailing so you can reach your potential.


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